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The Old Tree That Lives at GS

Rocco Rossetto, Online Editor

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I “interviewed” the Old Tree at GS and I got some valuable information. It says that it has seen so many kids come and go, and watched them grow as they played on the playground. Sometimes the old students come back to visit. Another thing it shared was that it has been here since GS was built. In those days it had a huge crown of leaves surrounding its branches, but now they are mostly gone because of its old age. It is actually friends with the oldest trees in Beverly Hills. Some say that the oldest trees are 135 years old and are located on San Vicente Blvd. The Old Tree says it’s very good friend with those giant palms. They talk to each other through the underground root system. It is very happy to be at GS and it hopes to see many more kids play and grow under its shade.

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The Old Tree That Lives at GS