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Tricks, and Pranks, and Stunts, Oh My!

Sofia Pedrotti, Reporter

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April Fools’ Day is a holiday where kids can have a little fun. On this holiday, people everywhere prank someone and shout, “April Fools’.” A couple of tricks are to glue two sponges together and put frosting on them and call it sponge cake. Also, people take a red marker and draw dots on themselves to resemble chicken pox. I interviewed some people about what they did for April Fools’ Day. Isabel Kirchmann in fourth grade said, “I tricked my dad into thinking that I was sick.” Ms. Taylor, the third grade teacher said, “Last year for April Fools’ Day, I tricked the class into thinking that I made brownies, but instead I took brown construction paper and cut out brown letter Es.” I always liked the ideas in the Highlights Magazines. What did you do for April Fools’ Day? You can tell us at

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Tricks, and Pranks, and Stunts, Oh My!