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What Kids Should Know about the Presidential Election of 2016

Christina Borisow, Reporter

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My first presidential election was in 2008, when I was four. Things have changed since then. Now, with social media and a bombardment of news on all the candidates, it can get very confusing and opinions can get heated. To help kids make more sense of it all, here are some suggestions:

1) Learning the election process and discussing or sharing opinions helps create a healthier democracy for us all. Get into it!

2) We should sift through the messages being thrown at us. Separate out attention­getting statements and advertising to find the meaningful arguments. Decode messages!

3) Explore whether the poll numbers actually predict who will win. Dig deeper into polls!

4) We need to ask ourselves just what is true in the news. 24/7 news is great, but how much of it is actually just deceiving us? Challenge the news!

5) Read tweets and posts with an eye for what are facts versus opinions. Question social media posts!

In the famous words of Theodore Roosevelt, “A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.”

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What Kids Should Know about the Presidential Election of 2016