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My Christmas Memories

Ms. Beth Phillips, 5th Grade Teacher, Guest Writer

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My parents made Christmas magical when I was a child. There were ten children (eight girls and two boys) in my family

and I was number eight. Can you imagine making sure all those children got their Christmas wishes?! My parents managed

to do it with a little help from my Aunt and Uncle, my older siblings and, of course, Santa. I remember hearing Santa

bringing toys and munching on milk and cookies into the wee hours of the morning! I was too afraid to leave the bedroom I

shared with three of my sisters to spy on him.

The Christmas season kicked off with a holiday party at a golf club my father was a member of. My mother dressed the last

four of us known as the “little girls” in the exact same dresses, tights, shoes and we all had the same pixie (short) haircut!

People couldn’t tell us apart. We arrived to the splendor of the beautiful decorations, festive music and a feast. At one point,

all the children sat around a dance floor and waited for the entertainment. Each year, the Bob Baker Marionette puppeteers

would bring the puppets right up to the children. Finally, we would hear a helicopter hovering and we would all run out to

the golf course and see Santa coming out of the helicopter! It was a blast of a party and I am grateful to have been able to

bring my own children to it.

Christmas morning was always so exciting. Once, the “four little girls” all got little high heeled shoes and baby buggies to

push down the street. We all went clickity-click down our street to show off. Another Christmas, we all got a different color

Fair Lady Sting Ray bicycle with a sissy bar and a basket in the front. Yes, it all fit under

the tree, but spilled into the living room amid all the other gifts for all my brothers and

sisters and my parents. I don’t think the “four little girls” stuck around to watch them open

that morning though. We took our bikes on a Christmas morning spin around the block!

I also remember some things that were the same every year. Christmas Eve the whole

family would drop into Christmas parties my parents’ friends were having. Christmas Mass

was in the morning and then everyone gathered at our house for dinner. Our stockings all

had oranges, Lifesavers Candy Books, a toothbrush and maybe some hair ribbons.

Everyone got a different book from my father that he picked out. The girls all got new Lanz

flannel nightgowns. When I had my children, I kept up some of the traditions, but they were

lucky to have known their grandparents and to have spent many Christmases with them.

This Christmas, I am a grandmother and I am blessed to be watching my grandson, Nolan, celebrate the birth of Jesus who

was a baby just like we all were once. Merry Christmas to all! See you in 2017!

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My Christmas Memories