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The History of Candy Canes

Rocco Rossetto, Advertising Manager

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Some people say that candy

canes were

made by a

choirmaster about 250 years ago in

Germany. They were originally white

sticks of sugar. During church he

thought the kids were bored during the

long Christmas mass. The man made a

crook of sugar to represent that Jesus is

a shepherd and that we are the sheep.

The earliest date of a candy cane is 200

years before this story so it is most

likely an urban legend. Some people

say that a man made a red and white “J”

for Jesus and that “The white of the

cane can represent the purity of Jesus

Christ and the red stripes are for the

blood he shed when he died on the

cross,” according to . The most

likely story was about a man named

Bob McCormack. He owned a candy

shop and had a random idea and started

making candy canes for close friends

and relatives. His brother-in-law, who

was a priest, made a machine that

curved the sugar sticks automatically

and candy canes were made. I asked

Hiro Tatsumi in kindergarten if he liked

candy canes. He said, “Yes I like candy

canes very much.” Send an email to to say

which story you liked the most.

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The History of Candy Canes