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My Thanksgiving in Amish Country

Photo by Mrs. Mirasol
An Amish horse and buggy on a rainy winter evening

Mrs. Sarah Mirasol, Guest Writer

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Have you ever been to Amish country? Have you ever seen a horse-drawn carriage? I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, but a few years ago, my mom and dad moved to central Ohio. They live in a little town called Millersburg. The largest population of Amish in the world live in the Millersburg area!

The Amish try to be close to God by living simply. They choose to live without electricity. They live without TVs, radios, and computers. They also choose to not drive cars. The Amish men and women still need to go to work, go to the grocery store, and visit their friends, so they use horse-drawn carriages. Maybe someday you will visit Amish country. When you go, you will see horse-drawn carriages everywhere. Sometimes you have to drive behind one on the road. The problem is they do not go very fast. They usually go only twelve miles per hour, and slower uphill!

It is really nice to drive around the pretty countryside and see many Amish farms. The Amish plow their fields and harvest their crops using horse-drawn equipment. The children go to special Amish schools. They are often one-room school houses. In the morning, the children walk in big groups to school holding hands, and carrying their lunch pails.

In order to live simply, the Amish wear plain clothing and dark colors such as black, grey, or white. The men stop shaving as soon as they get married and often do not trim their beards. They wear big hats made of straw. The women also keep their heads covered by wearing a bonnet or little cap.

Many people like to visit Amish country on their vacation. Amish country is known for the beautiful countryside, eating good food, and buying local goods such as cheese, Amish-made wooden furniture, and beautiful quilts. I think you should go someday. You will love it!

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My Thanksgiving in Amish Country